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Students for Computer Recycling to Outfit Underrepresented Nonprofit Groups in Education


What We Do

SCROUNGE accepts donations of unwanted computer equipment from all over York, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. We refurbish the old computers and donate them to nonprofit organizations with a free version of linux operating system installed. Computers that cannot be refurbished are disassembled into their basic pieces and collected in bulk to be recycled in an environmentally friendly way. 


  • Donate 100 computers to the community for the semester
  • Recruit three new volunteers from the student body during the semester
  • Hold one SCROUNGE-member discounted event during the semester
  • Find destinations for getting rid of all recycled material



SCROUNGE sponsors some of the following events:

  • bowling
  • snow tubing
  • LAN parties
  • dinners

Outgoing Donations

We donate refurbished computers strictly to nonprofit organizations such as the Crispus Attucks Early Learning Center, the Jewish Community Center in York, the MLA Learning Center, the Spanish Center in York, and the September House.

To request computers from SCROUNGE, please follow the link below:

Request for Equipment

Incoming Donations

We take donations from businesses all over south central Pennsylvania as well as donations from individuals in the area. Some large donations have come from Harley-Davidson Inc., the Wolf Organization in York, Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital, and the Law Offices of Barley Snyder.

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