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Although graduated, our Communication Arts and Sciences (CAS) alumni are certainly NOT forgotten! CAS Alumni are invited every spring to our Annual Graduation and Alumni Celebration. We are proud of their continued accomplishments and wish them well. The following are news updates from some of our CAS graduates-both majors and minors. 


Nathan Bortner

My participation in the CAS internship with the Healthy York County Coalition introduced me to various contacts during the duration of the internship.

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Angela Crissman

 I learned a lot of valuable communication skills that help me interact with a variety of people.

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Jessica Harvey

 After sitting in many CAS classes and learning about the different aspects of communication, I saw the challenges with communication in the real world.

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Faith Kern

 The CAS program helps to strengthen your overall skill sets, especially in terms of critical thinking and presentation techniques; both of which are very important in interviewing for career-oriented positions.

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Yvonne Michelle Kline

 In May, I graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s degree in Communication Studies.

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Heather Klinefelter

 Many of the skills I use every day I learned in classes at York. My research skills, my understanding of organizational behavior and communication, as well as speech and writing skills help me function in this high-paced demanding job.

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Andy Sanders

 My education from Penn State and the CAS program helped me to succeed in my professional life mainly by learning about all of the different aspects of language and how language can be effective.

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