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Contact Information
Department/Service Phone Number
Academic Advising /Career Services 717-771-4053
Admissions 717-771-4040
Athletics 717-771-4036
Bookstore 717-771-4110
Bursar 717-771-4122
Counseling (Psychological) Services 717-771-4088
Computer Help Desk 717-771-4080
Disability Services 717-771-4026
Library 717-771-4020
Nittany Success Center 717-771-4026
Pullo Family Performing Arts Center 717-771-8900
Registrar 717-771-4050
Security 717-771-8444
Student Affairs 717-771-4045


Who to See for What...
Topic Department
Add/Drop a Course Registrar’s Office, Main Classroom Building(MCB) 128
Athletics Athletics Office, Joe and Rosie Rhul Student Community  Center (RSCC) 110
Audit a Course Registrar, MCB 128
Career Information Advising and Career Development, MCB 139
Change Address or Name Registrar, MCB 128
Change of Assignment Registrar, MCB 128
Change of College or Major Registrar, MCB 128
Clubs and Organizations Student Affairs, RSCC 19
Community Service Student Affairs, RSCC 19
Copiers Lee R. Glatfelter Library, The Lair, Computer Lab, Pullo Family Performing Arts Center (PAC)
Correspondence Courses Continuing Education, Bradley Building
Counseling (Psychological) Services MCB
Credit by Correspondence Registrar, MCB 128
Credit by Exam Registrar, MCB 128
Deferred Grade Course Instructor
Enrollment Verification eLion
Entrance to Major Registrar, MCB 128
Evening Courses Registrar, MCB 128
Fee Payments or Problems Bursar, MCB 121
Financial Aid RSCC 19
Food and Drink Lion’s Den, RSCC or The Bistro, PAC
Graduation Arrangements Registrar, MCB 128
Housing, Off Campus www.placefinder.com
ID Cards Computer Lab, M.S. Grumbacher Information Sciences and Technology Center ( ISTC) 106
Intramural Sports Athletic Office, RSCC
Leave of Absence Registrar, MCB 128
Lost & Found Business Office, MCB  11
Parking Business Office, MCB 11
Reenrollment Registrar, MCB 128
Scholarships Financial Aid, RSCC 19
Student Government Association Student Affairs, RSCC 19
Student Clubs Student Affairs, RSCC 19
Tutoring Nittany Success Center, MCB
Withdrawal from Classes Registrar, MCB 128
Work-Study Jobs Financial Aid, RSCC 19