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Speakers Give Advice and Thanks at Penn State York Commencement

John J.Romano at Penn State York Commencement
John J. Romano shares the advice of his father with graduates at Penn State York's commencement May 14.
5/21/2010 —


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“Don’t wait for your ship to come in, row out and meet it,” was the advice from John J. Romano, Ph.D., vice president for commonwealth campuses at The Pennsylvania State University, delivered the commencement address at Penn State York’s 40th annual spring commencement May 14.   Romano shared the advice of his father and also told graduates that they hold the keys to their future accomplishments. 

Romano became part of the Penn State community more than four decades ago and has diligently served the University in a variety of positions throughout those years.  At the end of June, he will leave his post to spend time with his family and pursue his personal interests of sailing, traveling, reading, and golfing.

A familiar face in York, Romano served as the campus executive officer at Penn State York from 1985 to 1993 and during that time was successful in increasing campus enrollments and outreach activities in York and Lancaster.  He led the campaign that resulted in the building of the M. S. Grumbacher Information Sciences and Technology Center and was instrumental in helping the campus gain funding and support for the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center, the Lee R. Glatfelter Library, and the John T. and Paige S. Smith Atrium, which opened in 2005.  Romano was the commencement speaker at York in fall 2005 in celebration of the first commencement in the newly opened Pullo Center.

In addition to hearing from Romano, the audience heard from numerous students who shared brief comments as part of Penn State York’s continuing tradition of the open microphone.  Students thanked parents, spouses, and children for support and some recognized faculty and staff members who helped them along their journey at the campus.  The top associate degree graduate  Keith Glatfelter, York, Pa., associate degree graduate in mechanical engineering technology; top baccalaureate degree graduate Eric S. Rohrer, Columbia, Md., bachelor of science in electro-mechanical engineering technology; and Michael J. Renoll, Spring Grove, Pa., representing the master of education program in teaching and curriculum; also spoke. 

Penn State York awarded 28 associate degrees: 6 in business administration; 2 in electrical engineering technology; 5 in human development and family studies; 3 in information sciences and technology; 5 in letters, arts, and sciences; 6 in mechanical engineering technology, and 1 in nanofabrication manufacturing technology.   The campus will awarded 70 baccalaureate degrees:  1 in American studies; 4 in communication arts and sciences; 6 in English; 19 in business;, 5 in electro-mechanical engineering technology; 13 in human development and family studies; 18 in information sciences and technology, and 4 in science; and 28 master of education degrees in teaching and curriculum.

Six former Penn State York students who completed their degree work at another campus of Penn State returned to their home campus, York, to receive their degrees during the ceremony.  The campus also recognized 192 baccalaureate students who began their work at Penn State York and are now eligible to move on to University Park or other campuses to complete their degree work.  Penn State York offers the first two years of more than 160 Penn State majors and those students comprise most of the campus.

A reception followed the ceremony.

The following students received associate degrees at Penn State York:  Matthew D. Auterson, York.  letters, arts, and sciences;  Stephen C. Bennett Jr., York, letters, arts, and sciences;  Thomas L. Breiner Jr., York, information sciences and technology;  Scotti A. Carter, Spring Grove, business administration;  Shanna L. Christensen, York, mechanical engineering technology;  Evelean Clay, York, human development and family studies;  Nicole M. Detsch, Windsor, business administration;  Andrew F. Dubbs, York, human development and family studies;  Keith Glatfelter, York, mechanical engineering technology;  Bonnie L. Grizzell, York, business administration;  Matthew J. Haldeman, York,  letters, arts, and sciences;  Darren L. Higginbotham, Lancaster, electrical engineering technology;  Ann L. Ilgenfritz, York, business administration;  Hamza A. Iqbal, York, nanofabrication manufacturing technology;  Michael C. Johnson, York, business administration;  Brent A. Kuehne, Red Lion, mechanical engineering technology;  Sarah M. McDermott, Carlisle, business administration;  Jason D. Messersmith, New Freedom, mechanical engineering technology;  Laura M. Moscony, York, letters, arts, and sciences;  Chelsea F. Paley, York, letters, arts, and sciences;  Chayanee Propst, York, human development and family studies;  Steven M. Rose, Jr., Shrewsbury, information sciences and technology;  Jeremy T. Scott, York, electrical engineering technology;  Sherry M. Smith, York, human development and family studies;  Tyler H. Smith, York, mechanical engineering technology;  Andrew T. Swoboda, Red Lion, mechanical engineering technology;  Kevin W. Tarbart, Delta, information sciences and technology; and Nicole M. Waldron, Red Lion, human development and family studies.

The following students received baccalaureate degrees at Penn State York:  Charlotte M. Albert, Red Lion, American studies;  Noah D. Althoff, York, information sciences and technology;  Kenneth M. Anderson, New Oxford, business;  Erin N. Anstine  Eyler, York, business;  Alexandra M. Anzalone, York, human development and family studies;  Dustin S. Barley, Windsor, business;  Anthony M. Bathgate, Parkton, Md., information sciences and technology;  Michael K. Berry, Hanover, business;  Nathan W. Bowers, Mount Wolf, electro-mechanical engineering technology;  Adam M. Brinker, York, information sciences and technology;  Sandra M. Bush, York, communication arts and sciences;  Brittney L. Carl, York, human development and family studies;  Traci L. Carter, York, human development and family studies;  Nadine J. Chase, York, science;  Rohan U. Chitalia, Mumbai, India, information sciences and technology;  Kimberly J. Deitrich, Columbia, human development and family studies;  Krupali K. Desai, Mumbai, India, information sciences and technology;  Douglas J. Dewees, Red Lion, business;  Jessica M. Eaken, Harrisburg, human development and family studies;  Eleanor Fox, Harrisburg, science;  Matthew N. Frey, York, business;  Katherine C. Friesner, New Freedom, English;  Melea H. Gibson, Littlestown, business;  Grace H. Gryp, New Freedom, business;  Gema D. Hernandez, York, human development and family studies;  Alecia M. Hess, Red Lion, human development and family studies;  Jonathan D. Hirt, Brogue, English;  Shaun M. Hoffman, Hanover, business;  Baptist W. Hoffmann III, York, information sciences and technology;  Alex N. Howard, Windsor, information sciences and technology;  Kehinde O. Ilugbusi, Dover, human development and family studies;  Amber A. Iqbal, York, science;  Amy E. Jacobs-Carrozza, York, communication arts and sciences;  Ian T. Keck, Elizabethtown, business;  Kashmira P. Kundargi, Navi Mumbai, India, information sciences and technology;  Eric J. Lawrence, York, science;  Michael J. Manning III, New Freedom, communication arts and sciences;  Tonya R. McDonough, Lewisberry, business;  Darby W. Mitchell, Red Lion, information sciences and technology;  Kiran P. Mody, Mumbai, India, information sciences and technology;  David M. Montez, York, information sciences and technology;  Adam D. Mundis, York, English;  Kate M. Musso, York, English;  Sara E. Neimeister, York, English;  Amy R. Nuzum, York, human development and family studies;  Eric N. Orner, York, business;  Janine M. Pflaum, York, business;  Adam D. Polash, Stewartstown, business;  Shantanu G. Rajadhyaksha, Mumbai, India, information sciences and technology;  Akhil A. Rane, Mumbai, India, information sciences and technology;  Ashish A. Rane, Mumbai, India, information sciences and technology;  Seth M. Riddle, Seven Valleys, business;  Eric S. Rohrer, Columbia, Md., electro-mechanical engineering technology;  Scott C. Sewell, York, business;  Sayur R. Shah, Mumbai, India, information sciences and technology;  Stephanie V. Shanaman, York, human development and family studies;  Shuo Shi, Bradbury, Ca., business;  Michael J. Shifflett, New Freedom, electro-mechanical engineering technology;  Christopher A. Smith, Spring Grove, information sciences and technology;  Thomas A. Smith, Dover, business;  Daniel M. Stump, York, business;  Bhaskar Suryakumar, Mumbai, India, information sciences and technology;  Jeffrey M. Taylor, Cochranville, electro-mechanical engineering technology;  Andrew J. Tomasko, Lititz, electro-mechanical engineering technology;  Adam B. Walton, York, English;  Brandi L. Wertz, Conestoga, human development and family studies;  Brad A. Willcox, Shrewsbury, information sciences and technology;  Shayla M. Williams, Harrisburg, human development and family studies;  Lauran M. Wiltsie, York, communication arts and sciences; and Michelle L. Winemiller, Abbottstown, human development and family studies.

The following students received master’s of education in Teaching and Curriculum degrees at Penn State York:  Karen E. Backus, Dallastown;  Briana S. Baum, York;  Nicole M. Becker, Red Lion;  Colleen K. Bynion, Jacobus;  Marell D. Clark, Red Lion;  Timothy M. Conaway, York;  Michelle E. Doll, Lititz;  Christi L. Gambler, Columbia;  Thomas W. Harned, Marysville;  Amanda S. Henise, Red Lion;  Matthew S. Houseknecht, York;  Ruth A. Mohney, Mount Wolf;  Shannon M. Oliver, York;  Julianne M. Payne, Dallastown;  Jill R. Posey, Red Lion;  Michael J. Renoll, Spring Grove;  Melissa A. Ross, New Oxford;  Kathleen S. Rupp, Mechanicsburg;  Kristen R. Sachs, Hummelstown;  Jill E. Slagle, Hanover;  Christopher K. Tanczos, York;  Alicia M. Tresselt, York;  Andrew J. Warren, York;  Sara A. Wertz, Hanover;  Heather L. Wilker, York;  Susan E. Yohe, Seven Valleys;  Korie L. Young, Seven Valleys; and  Kristie E. Zimmerman, Dallastown.

The following students completed their degrees at other Penn State campuses and returned to Penn State York to receive their diplomas:  Nichole L. Beard, Red Lion, bachelor of arts in Integrative Arts;  Kenneth W. Gordon, York, bachelor of arts in English;  Andrew D. Heatley, State College, bachelor of science in Energy Business and Finance;  Wendi E. Kent, Dillsburg, associate degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management;  Joshua D. Kloker, York, bachelor of arts in History;  and Cory P. Stump, East Berlin, bachelor of science in Psychology.

The following students are changing to other Penn State campuses in Fall 2010 to complete their Penn State degree programs:  Kristin N. Adams, Fawn Grove, elementary and kindergarten education;  Ryan T. Adams, Spring Grove, accounting;  Joshua D. Aikins, Seven Valleys, meteorology;  Raquel L. Alpizar, Syracuse, NY, actuarial science;  Kevin J. Anderson, Lancaster, computer science;  Daniel J. Andrews, Mount Joy, business administration;  Brittany N. Arnold, Jefferson, Md., agricultural and extension education;  Ryan J. Arnold, York, animal sciences;  Jeremy W. Arvelo, Wrightsville, wildlife and fisheries science;  Erik C. Aspril, Hampstead, Md., meteorology;  Andrew J. Aulbach, York, health and human development;  Zachary A. Bacigalupa, Stewartstown, toxicology;  Shea D. Banks, Red Lion, kinesiology;  Daniel J. Barley, East Berlin, geobiology;  Cameron C. Beck, York, computer engineering;  Ethan N. Becker, Red Lion, kinesiology;  Alexa Y. Bejaran, York, finance;  Daniel J. Bice, Mount Joy, science;  Rebecca L. Bomberger, Mountville, human development and family studies;  Daniela Borlea, Shrewsbury, international politics;  Joshua M. Brown, Stewartstown, accounting;  Timothy M. Brown, York, English;  Lauren A. Bubb, Glen Rock, arts and architecture;  Xuan Cai, York, accounting;  Justin M. Campbell, Manchester, telecommunications;  Joseph Chan, York, information sciences and technology;  Joyce T. Chuinkam, York, political science;  Mark H. Cloyd, Mountville, Capital College;  Amanda L. Coble, Mount Wolf, media studies;  Yarelis Colon, Dallastown, premedicine;  Robyn L. Cook, York, human development and family studies;  Luke D. Cover, Spring Grove, kinesiology;  Mary L. Crossley, Dover, psychology;  Joshua B. Crumbling, Spring Grove, engineering;  Matthew M. Czaus, York, landscape contracting;  Ashley W. Davies, York, business administration;  Amy L. Degroft, New Oxford, information sciences and technology;  Dimitar G. Dimitrov, York, computer science;  Nathanael J. Doherty, New Park, mathematics;  Elliot A. Eckard, York, biology;  John D. Eisenhart, East Berlin, structural design and construction engineering technology;  Kyle M. Eisenhart, Manchester, finance;  Peter M. Elser, Marietta, accounting;  Russell N. Englebert, East Berlin, kinesiology;  Arika S. Evans-El, Edgewood, Md., accounting;  Nicholas V. Falci, York, accounting;  Michael J. Fedor II, Lewisberry, nursing;  Dean Femera, Clifton, NJ, kinesiology;  Sylvia I. Flores, York, psychology;  Daniel J. Freed, York, letters, arts, and sciences;  Zachary T. Friesner, New Freedom, management;  Sean M. Gauslin, Brick, NJ, meteorology;  Garrett B. Gelting, Orwigsburg, electrical engineering;  Abigail G. George, Lewisberry, division of undergraduate studies;  Tilman L. Gerald, Washington, D.C., economics;  Grant C. Glatfelter, York, psychology;  Timothy A. Glatfelter, Spring Grove, criminal justice;  Emily A. Gordon, Auburn, media studies;  Douglas J. Graham Jr., Stewartstown, crime, law, and justice;  Nevin C. Gross, Manchester, Altoona College;  Andriana M. Gurreri, York, business;  Steven J. Han, Great Neck, NY, kinesiology;  Jessica M. Hanson, Glen Rock, art history;  Sarah L. Hanson, Glen Rock, division of undergraduate studies;  Lyndsie A. Hartman, Lewisberry, accounting;  Andrew J. Hazlett, Lancaster, education;  Aaron A. Heilman, Mount Wolf, nuclear engineering;  Kathryn M. Hempt, York Haven, nursing;  Amira W. Henein, Mountville, criminal justice;  Corinne M. Hess, York, economics;  Brandon S. Hewitt, York, kinesiology;  Peter J. Hoey, York, finance;  Kimberly M. Hoffheins, Glen Rock, accounting;  Qiaoxing Huang, Etters, finance;  Anna G. Hummel, York, nutritional sciences;  Parisa S. Jalali, McLean, liberal arts;  Anthony J. Jaskot, Marietta, Capital College;  Allyn L. Jenkins, Spring Grove, science;  Erin A. Jones, York, management;  Erik S. Juergensen, Bel Air, Md., mechanical engineering technology;  Casey R. Kelley, Maplewood, Mn., journalism;  Allison M. Kemper, Spring Grove, political science;  Sean E. Kessler, Stewartstown, electrical engineering;  Laura A. Killian, Lancaster, division of undergraduate studies;  Andrew M. King Jr., York, business;  Lynnlee I. Kirkessner, Wrightsville, animal sciences;  Ryan E. Klunk, Hanover, agriculture;  Mark A. Kosicki II, Mount Wolf, finance;  Natasha J. Krieg, York, nutritional sciences;  Timothy D. Krohn, Wrightsville, computer engineering;  Emily A. Kuhn, York, agriculture;  Erica L. Kunkel, York, psychology;  Steven Lee, York, biology;  James K. Lehman, Mount Wolf, finance;  Brian H. Lentz, York, kinesiology;  Christopher D. Leverette, Laurel, Md., communications;  Jennifer R. Lewis, York, communications;  Ling Liu, Owings Mills, Md., management;  Isaiah J. Lomax, York, finance;  Toni L. Lozzi, York, journalism;  Katelyn D. Macqueen, Dallastown, architecture;  Christian L. Malehorn, Manchester, marketing;  Andrew W. Mann, Dallastown, anthropology;  Turner A. Masek, York, criminal justice;  Brenden N. Maxey, Kennett Square, engineering;  Eric M. McConaughey, Columbia, hotel, restaurant, and institutional management;  Ryan G. McFalls, York, aerospace engineering;  Chase A. McGowan, York, criminal justice;  Branden L. McWilliams, Abbottstown, structural design and construction engineering technology;  Ryan C. Mellon, York, division of undergraduate studies;  George Mensah, Woodbridge, Va., Capital College;  Alyson R. Miller, Etters, science;  Sarah C. Mills, York, elementary education;  Zachary M. Mule, Harpers Ferry, WV, mechanical engineering;  Krista M. Myers, Dover, journalism;  Richard D. Myers Jr., Delta, nuclear engineering;  Courtney L. Neal, Mountaindale, NY, business administration;  Ryan G. Neff, Manchester, kinesiology;  Danielle L. Ness, Mount Wolf, crime, law, and justice;  Huong T. Nguyen, York, biology;  Viet T. Nguyen, York, electrical engineering;  Samantha G. Nissley, Elizabethtown, agriculture;  Samantha M. Noel, Hallam, criminal justice;  Benjamin W. Norris, Glen Rock, kinesiology;  Samantha L. Norton, Lititz, wildlife and fisheries science;  Anastasia M. Orso, York, communications;  Thomas R. Ort, York, mechanical engineering;  Zachary R. Pabis, Delta, electrical engineering;  Tyler J. Page, Mount Wolf, kinesiology;  Michele A. Pantano, York, geography;  Isadom T. Parra, Lancaster, accounting;  Nathan C. Petry, York, Capital College;  Daniel C. Phillips, Lancaster, division of undergraduate studies;  Tyler A. Poff, Red Lion, engineering;  Camila A. Polaski, Conestoga, international politics;  Jillian N. Pulia, New Freedom, engineering;  Daniel R. Quackenbos, Brogue, Spanish;  Arlinda Ramadani, New Freedom, Capital College;  Jessica A. Reese, Hanover, management;  Tyler F. Reisinger, York, kinesiology;  John S. Reiter, York, biology;  Kathryn L. Reynolds, Hanover, elementary education;  Daniel T. Rogers, Glen Rock, physics;  Emily C. Ruch, Mechanicsburg, Altoona College;  Gregory C. Scarborough, York, electrical engineering;  Carl G. Schoon, York, liberal arts;  Kenneth J. Seaman III, Seven Valleys, engineering;  Jason M. Seitz, Felton, structural design and construction engineering technology;  Vincent Sepe IV, York, computer engineering;  Luisa I. Sersch, York, Capital College;  Logan D. Shaffer, East Berlin, criminal justice;  Nathan M. Shanholtz, Baltimore, Md., economics;  Thomas D. Shelley, Glen Rock, premedicine;  Corey A. Shelton, Shrewsbury, telecommunications;  Brooke A. Shenberger, York, psychology;  Amanda H. Shipley, Dover, elementary education;  Lauren N. Siford, York, letters, arts, and sciences;  Brian T. Simonton, Mount Wolf, chemical engineering;  Danielle A. Smith, New Freedom, liberal arts;  Joshua E. Smith, Wrightsville, electrical engineering technology;  Kayla N. Smith, Dover, elementary education;  Vincent C. Smith, Glenville, health policy and administration;  Kaitlin M. Soop, Mount Wolf, business administration;  Anthony A. Spataro, York, accounting;  Sean M. Spatola, Lancaster, electrical engineering;  Ashley R. Stacharowski, Seven Valleys, animal sciences;  Ryan M. Steinkamp, York, civil engineering;  Keri A. Stine, York, division of undergraduate dtudies;  Andrew K. Stump, Stewartstown, political science;  David K. Tawadras, York, engineering;  Anthony J. Torregosa, Richmond, TX, science;  Dalynet Torres-Cruz, York, applied behavioral science;  Henry Tsang, Mechanicsburg, energy, business and finance;  Bastian A. Urriola, Gaithersburg, Md., economics;  Thomas G. Valek, Bel Air, Md., computer engineering;  Husing Vang, York, biochemistry and molecular biology;  Tommy M. Voong, Hanover, Capital College;  Edward T. Ward III, Dallastown, Altoona College;  Andrew J. Warfel, Columbia, supply chain and information systems;  Megan R. Warfel, York, microbiology;  Molly E. Weaver, Hanover, elementary education;  Ashley R. Williams, York, psychology;  Elliott B. Wilson, Hanover, psychology;  Kimberly E. Witmer, Manchester, biobehavioral health;  Justin A. Wolford, Red Lion, psychology;  Joel M. Yambo, Lancaster, civil engineering;  Christopher R. Zerphey, Marietta, mechanical engineering;  Xuanzhi Zhang, Nanjing, China, liberal arts;  Katie E. Zinn, Emigsville, division of undergraduate studies;  and Jennifer E. Zobler, Dallastown, psychology.

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