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Penn State York Powerlifting Club Wins at Worlds

11/3/2009 —

Penn State York Powerlifting ClubPenn State York’s Powerlifting Club won the 2009 World Powerlifting Competition, sponsored by the World National Powerlifting Federation, Oct. 17 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This was the team’s first time at the world competition and they won.

“It was exciting and there were a lot of people from around the world,” said Matt Haldeman, a member of the world champion team. Powerlifting is a great sport because you can see the improvement each year.”

Dean Femera, another member of the team agreed.

“You’re always in competition with yourself to do better.”

Haldeman and Femera both became interested in powerlifting because of a strength training class they took at the campus with Peter Catina, Ph.D., assistant professor of kinesiology at Penn tate York and powerlifter himself. Catina is the coach for the club.

The following students participated and won at worlds: Matt Haldeman, second place junior raw division, York; Tommy Leana, first place junior raw division, Glen Rock; Sai Parra, first place teen raw division; Lancaster; Dean Femera, first place teen raw division, Clifton, New Jersey; Erik Juergensen, second place teen raw division, Bel Air, Maryland; Brandon Yeager, first place teen raw division, Holtwood; and Chris Zerphey, first place teen raw division, Marietta.

The junior division includes athletes from 20-23 years old and the teen division includes athletes 17-19 years old.

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