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Commencement List - Spring 2009 Semester

5/15/2009 —

The following Penn State York students are received associate degrees:  

Jennifer L. Burns, York, Electrical Engineering Technology;  April L. Clancy, York, Human Development and Family Studies;  Kathy L. Dissinger, Mount Joy, Business Administration;  Rhonda L. Edwards, Ephrata, Business Administration;  Timothy D. Feilinger, Stewartstown, Electrical Engineering Technology;  Megan E. Frear, Stewartstown, Information Sciences and Technology;  Ashley C. Garner, Red Lion, Letters, Arts, and Sciences;  Tricia S. Grove, Hanover, Business Administration;  Rande S. Hake, York, Business Administration;  Donald L. James, Glen Rock, Information Sciences and Technology;  Matthew I. Klinedinst, York, Business Administration;  Thomas J. Leana II, Glen Rock, Mechanical Engineering Technology;  Isamary Lucena, York, Letters, Arts, and Sciences;  Joshua J. McDonald, York, Business Administration;  William C. Myers, Manheim, Business Administration;  Thomas J. Oglesby, York, Information Sciences and Technology;  Michelle L. Plaza, York, Human Development and Family Studies;  Jonathan T. Schardt, East Berlin, Business Administration;  Helen C. Sherman, York, Letters, Arts, and Sciences;  Colleen K. Siecinski, Felton, Letters, Arts, and Sciences;  Autumn H. Sutton, Stewartstown, Letters, Arts, and Sciences;  Joshua T. Wisowaty, Danville, Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology;  Crystal G. Young, Joppa, Maryland, Electrical Engineering Technology.
The following Penn State York students received baccalaureate degrees: 

Carrie A. Anderson, Red Lion, Letters, Arts, and Sciences;  Kendall Z. Barnes, Westminster, MD, Science;  Jesse W. Bible, York, Business;  Troy D. Bonitz, New Freedom, Bachelor of Science in Business; Quanesha M. Brabham, York, Human Development and Family Studies;  Sean C. Breach, York, Information Sciences and Technology;  Miranda L. Brown, Seven Valleys, Human Development and Family Studies;  Robert T. Carroll, Marietta, Business;  Matthew W. Conaway, York, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology;  Angi L. Davis, York, Human Development and Family Studies;  Phillip J. Dayberry Jr., York, Business;  Sherry Decker, Red Lion, Business;  Michael E. Delp, New Freedom, Business;  Kyle C. Dimitris, Lancaster, Business;  Nathan D. Elfner, Red Lion, Business;  Robin L. Fickling, York, Human Development and Family Studies;  Samantha M. Glenn, Lancaster, Business;  Inna V. Gnipp, Dauphin, Science;  Timothy B. Groth, Glen Rock, English;  Joel T. Haberstroh, Columbia, Business;  Abigail K. Hammer, Dover, English;  Miesha L. Hill, York, Human Development and Family Studies;  Frances M. Hopple, York, Information Sciences and Technology;  Eric A. Hudak, York, Letters, Arts, and Sciences;  Lance A. Klahold, Hallam, Business;  Clinton A. Kohler, Mandeville, Business;  Morris C. Layton III, York, Business;  Nicole M. Lindt, Lewisberry, Information Sciences and Technology;  Timothy C. London, York, Business;  Timothy R. Margelot, Glen Rock, Business;  Gloria K. Mark, Columbia, Human Development and Family Studies;  Stewart P. McLean, Chadds Ford, Information Sciences and Technology;  Lee-Ann M. Miller, York, Business;  Tamara L. Miller, York, Human Development and Family Studies;  Christopher N. Minnich, Felton, Human Development and Family Studies;  Mary Jo T. Mullenax, Manchester, Human Development and Family Studies;  Maria A. Mundis, Windsor, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology;  Luella E. Neiman, York, Human Development and Family Studies;  Joanne T. Nguyen, York, Science;  Mary K. Ott, York, American Studies;  Raj H. Patel, Hanover, Science;  Tristan C. Peterman, Dallastown, Business;  Amanda M. Seiffert, York, Human Development and Family Studies;  Jacob M. Smith, Dallastown, Business;  Laramie A. Smith, New Oxford, Business;  Scott M. Stoner, Springfield, Business;  Matthew P. Swoboda, Red Lion, Business;  Gary Swope, New Freedom, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology;  Bree C. Vance, York Springs, English;  Lydia M. Wentz, Emigsville, Human Development and Family Studies;  Robert A. Whaley, Dover, Business;  and Jeffrey A. Yost, York, Information Sciences and Technology.

The following students received the Master of Education degree in Teaching and Curriculum: 

Amanda M. Allemeier, York;  Kelly A. Beaver, Red Lion;  Dorothy M. Carpenter, Landisville;  Michele L. Colvin, Lancaster;  Sarah F. Coppersmith, York;  Patricia A. Cote, York;  Carissa N. Diehl, York;  Amy P. Emig, New Oxford;  Kristin E. Fronk, Dillsburg;  Rose M. Henrie, Dover;  Nathan G. Keys, York;  Erin E. Kirkpatrick, Mount Joy;  Tristan M. Kramer, York;  Allison M. Lehr, York;  Amy B. McKenzie, Dover;  Kristine M. McWilliams, Red Lion;  Lacy W. Meek, Felton;  Pamela L. Prowell, York;  Rigo E. Rivera, Lancaster;  Mary Lee Salerno, Dunmore;  Brett D. Sheaffer, Lancaster;  Jennifer L. Shearer, Gettysburg;  Brandi L. Sims, East Berlin;  Linda J. Stump, Spring Grove;  Jennifer M. Wilson, Hanover;  and Rebecca A. Yoder, York.

The following students returned to Penn State York from other campuses to receive their baccalaureate degrees: 

James N. Abrashoff, State College, Civil Engineering;  Kelley E. Dennis, Camp Hill, Anthropology;  David W. Freed, York, Political Science;  Christopher R. Kahler, Hanover, Civil Engineering;  Linh T. Le, State College, Microbiology;  Alex R. Maldonado, Marietta, Meteorology;  Matthew B. Malehorn, Manchester, Meteorology;  and Jason M. Stover, Jacobus, Kinesiology.
The following Penn State York students are changing campus locations effective fall 2009 to complete their baccalaureate degrees:

Ashley M. Alejandre, New Oxford, Berks College;  Rachael L. Alfano, York, Art History;  James P. Anderson, Dover, Political Science;  Jessica L. Bair, Felton, Accounting;  Alexa Y. Bejaran, York, Finance;  Sabrina S. Bell, Jacobus, Agriculture;  Andrew C. Bernhard, York, Accounting;  Niki D. Bidelspach, Northumberland, Psychology;  Michael P. Boeckel, Felton, Aerospace Engineering;  Christopher A. Bonham, Lancaster, Mechanical Engineering;  Joseph C. Bowser, York, Geography;  Eric M. Boyle, Wrightsville, Energy, Business and Finance;  Jennifer M. Bradley, Lancaster, Industrial Engineering;  Erik A. Brough, Hanover, Accounting;  Eric R. Brown, Shrewsbury, Information Sciences and Technology;  Mark L. Brunson, Bel Air, MD, Management;  Michael D. Burkentine, Hanover, Civil Engineering;  Whitney A. Campbell, Red Lion, Education;  John B. Cassel, York, Capital College;  Anuradha N. Chhibber, York, Marketing;  Stephanie L. Childress, Dallastown, Health and Human Development;  Bopanna N. Chottepanda, Mississauga, Ontario, Marketing;  Wei Jen Chou, Nutley, NJ, Energy, Business and Finance;  Amanda M. Clements, Lancaster, Community, Environment, and Development;  John J. Conner, York, Mechanical Engineering;  Loryn R. Conroy, York, Education;  Ryan P. Curran, Kirkwood, Agribusiness Management;  Kayla E. Cyr, York, Psychology;  Sarah E. Danner, Middletown, Applied Behavioral Science;  Corey A. Davis, Stewartstown, International Politics;  David P. Dell III, Etters, Division of Undergraduate Studies;  Erik R. Denlinger, Lancaster, Engineering;  Joseph L. Dettinger, Felton, Capital College;  Nicholas R. Dinardo, York, Political Science;  Paul A. Downey, Red Lion, Crime, Law, and Justice;  Ginni S. Dusman, York, Agribusiness Management;  Laura E. Dzwonczyk, New Freedom, Communications;  Paul B. Elfner, Red Lion, Division of Undergraduate Studies;  Christopher A. Garner, Dillsburg, Agribusiness Management;  Stavros A. Giannoukos, Kennett Square, Biology;  Justin D. Gilbert, Hanover, Meteorology;  Harry P. Gim, Baltimore, MD, Industrial Engineering;  Casi N. Goble, Stewartstown, History;  Rebecca E. Goodman, Mechanicsburg, Political Science;  Caitlin A. Grim, Seven Valleys, Health Policy and Administration;  Garrett E. Grove, Thomasville, Mechanical Engineering;  Ian G. Grow, Stewartstown, Mechanical Engineering;  Joel T. Haberstroh, Columbia, Accounting;  Rande S. Hake, York, Organizational Leadership;  Paul W. Hann, New Freedom, Journalism;  Kirstin N. Harmon, Millersville, Communications;  Jason D. Hebert, Stewartstown, Aerospace Engineering;  Cody M. Herbst, Red Lion, Crime, Law, and Justice;  Leah C. Herman, York, Arts and Architecture;  Jenna M. Hicks, York, Landscape Contracting;  Jonathan R. Hoerr, Red Lion, Engineering;  Matthew K. Holdorf, York, Kinesiology;  Daniel S. Hood, McSherrystown, Economics;  Jason M. Hopkins, New Freedom, Mechanical Engineering;  Kim L. Hunt, York, Nursing;  Kyle A. Hunt, Freeland, MD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology;  Nicholas D. Huso, Parkton, MD, Science;  Amber A. Iqbal, York, Biology;  Meagan L. Jacobson, York, Elementary and Kindergarten Education;  Robyn D. Johnson, Owings Mills, MD, Biological Anthropology;  Katee L. Jones, Stewartstown, Sociology;  Paul T. Kannarkatt, Red Lion, Premedical-Medical;  Jared D. Kauffman, Mechanicsburg, Psychology;  Steve A. Kauffman Jr., Spring Grove, Kinesiology;  Joshua A. Kennedy, New Oxford, Engineering;  Ryan P. Kennedy, Wellsville, Capital College;  Sarah E. Kerfoot, Stewartstown, Nursing;  Leah C. Kikola, Stewartstown, Psychology;  Do Hee Kim, Seoul, Korea, Economics;  Christopher W. King, York, Crime, Law, and Justice;  Derek M. Kohler, York, Psychology;  Stephen M. Kolar, Red Lion, Journalism;  Stephanie K. Lafollette, York, Journalism;  Nicole R. Lau, Dover, Anthropology;  Camille Jamella E. Laygo, York, Science;  Wei Lin, York, Civil Engineering;  Connor E. Loch, York, Actuarial Science;  Casey E. Lynch, Shrewsbury, International Politics;  Corey A. Macdonald, Glen Rock, Management Information Systems;  Jacob E. Macdonald, York, Accounting;  Walter R. Marriott, Glenville, Elementary and Kindergarten Education;  Nathan C. McCormack, York, Nuclear Engineering;  Connor R. McGinn, Willow St, Electrical Engineering;  Brock A. Messinger, Hanover, Engineering;  Amanda J. Miller, Hanover, Elementary and Kindergarten Education;  Lauren J. Miller, York, Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management;  Nicholas S. Miller, Bel Air, MD, Structural Design and Construction Engineering Technology;  Daniel J. Mininger, Perkasie, Philosophy;  Tarik Z. Monteiro, Lancaster, Premedicine;  Cory R. Mummert, McSherrystown, Structural Design and Construction Engineering Technology;  Miles M. Myers, Hanover, Media Studies;  Jonathan E. Neuhaus, Littlestown, Security and Risk Analysis;  Khanh N. Nguyen, Mohrsville, Science;  May T. Nguyen, York, Energy, Business and Finance;  Alexandra N. Nusbaum, Wrightsville, Nutritional Sciences;  Justin M. Oberlander, York, Archaeological Science;  Abhishek S. Parikh, York, Marketing;  Kinjal Y. Patel, Lancaster, Civil Engineering;  Maithili R. Pathak, York, Biology;  Michael L. Paul, Mount Wolf, Accounting;  Alex T. Peterson, New Freedom, Telecommunications;  Mary T. Peterson, New Freedom, Engineering;  Jonathan E. Pettit, York, Kinesiology;  Brandon A. Poist, Hanover, Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management;  Matthew P. Pristow, East Berlin, Structural Design and Construction Engineering Technology;  Dana E. Reese, York Haven, Energy, Business and Finance;  Corey L. Righter, York, Media Studies;  Wesley J. Riley, Thomasville, Engineering;  Zane M. Roberts Jr., Red Lion, Information Sciences and Technology;  Joshua D. Rode, Manchester, Energy, Business and Finance;  April R. Rose, New Freedom, Telecommunications;  Trevor B. Rumsey, York, Division of Undergraduate Studies;  Heather E. Ruppert, Spring Grove, Health and Human Development;  Hitman Sananikhom, York, Kinesiology;  Jessica M. Saunders, York, Accounting;  Michael L. Saylor, Mount Wolf, Agriculture;  Emily A. Schaffer, York, Liberal Arts;  Hunter B. Schenck, York, Political Science;  Steven M. Schmidt, New Park, Psychology;  Christopher M. Sewell, Hanover, Liberal Arts;  Dustin E. Shearer, Red Lion, Biological Engineering;  Xiaomeng Shi, Beijing, China, Finance;  Jonathan C. Showers, York, Education;  Brandon T. Slaney, Mount Wolf, Mechanical Engineering;  Bradford S. Smith, York, Media Studies;  James E. Smith II, Lititz, Accounting;   Bethany L. Snyder, Thomasville, Non-Degree Status;  Christopher P. Solloway, Stewartstown, Toxicology;  Thomas P. Staab, Dover, History;  James D. Steepe, Dover, Archaeological Science;  Chung Hong Sun, Centreville, VA, Civil Engineering;  Kayla A. Tamecki, Dillsburg, Education;  Michael S. Tate, Dover, Accounting;  Dennis R. Thompson, York, Science;  Nikole E. Tome, York, Human Development and Family Studies;  Dalynet Torres-Cruz, York, Applied Behavioral Science;  Mark S. Trone II, York, Capital College;  Luis A. Victoriano, Elizabeth, NJ, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering;  Mark E. Wagman, York, Structural Design and Construction Engineering Technology;  Adam B. Walton, York, English;  Heather M. Watkins, Felton, University College;  Danielle M. Weekley, Camp Hill, Education and Public Policy;  Floyd R. White IV, Manchester, Agribusiness Management;  Kathrin Winter, York, Occupational Therapy;  Joshua T. Wisowaty, Danville, Science;  and Heidi K. Zinn, Emigsville, Communication Sciences and Disorders.

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