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Cheryl Wheeler to Perform Friday

Cheryl Wheeler, poet and comedian
10/31/2005 —

Is Cheryl Wheeler a poet or a comic? Audience member will discover the two sides of Cheryl Wheeler, poet and comic, when she performs Friday, November 4 at 7:30 p.m. in Penn State York’s new Pullo Family Performing Arts Center. The program, sponsored by the campus and the York Newspaper Company, is free and open to the public.

Poet Cheryl is the writer of some of the prettiest and intelligent ballads on the modern folk scene. Honest songs of love and loss, contrasting the prosaic landscapes of her native small town America with the hopelessly rootless life of the traveling performer. Her evil twin, comic Cheryl, is a militant trend defier and savagely funny social critic. Comic Cheryl comes on like Groucho in a housecoat; a fiercely everyday woman with a barbed wire tongue, shredding the more of our gossipy, greedy, trend-obsessed culture, always aiming enough darts at herself to never seem sanctimonious.

As the two forces smooth their conflict, take their separate turns and meld into the same artistic vision, Wheeler emerges as a gifted and openhearted song writer approaching the summit of her craft. In addition to Wheeler’s unique style and performance skills, those who attend will also experience the beautiful state-of the art facility that is the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center. For more information on upcoming free and paid performances at the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center visit http://www.pullocenter.yk.psu.edu/perfomances.shtml or call 505-8910.

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