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Barry Drake Explores the Roots of Rock & Roll

10/19/2005 —

Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Buddy Holly sparked a cultural revolution in music that continued for decades.  Travel back to the time when rock & roll began and the fusion of black rhythm & blues and white hillbilly and pop music changed history.  Rock Historian Barry Drake explores the Roots of Rock & Roll:  1953 - 1963, on Thursday, Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Community Room of the Joe and Rosie Ruhl Student Community Center at Penn State York.  This free program is sponsored by the campus and the York Newspaper Company and is open to the public.

Drake combines his extensive knowledge of music and abilities as a dynamic entertainer in his multimedia presentation. Prepare to discover or rediscover the Roots of Rock & Roll at Penn State York.

Put on your “Blue Suede Shoes” and get ready to “Rock Around the Clock” with Drake as he talks about everyone from Chuck Berry to the Beatles.  Roots of Rock & Roll: 1953  1963 begins just before the dawn of rock & roll and examines the styles of music that came together on the early recordings.   It follows music’s development through the 50s and 60s covering rhythm & blues, rockability, doo-wop, teen idols, girl groups and early soul.    For the first time, music belonged to young people.

Drake, often called a walking encyclopedia of rock & roll, is a graduate of Manhattan College and has been involved in the world of music since buying his first rock & roll record in 1954.  He grew up in New York City and saw everyone from Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry at the Brooklyn Paramount in 1957, to Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin at the Filmore in 1967.  In 1965, Drake became a performer and songwriter and in 1970 was signed to Capitol Records.  Since then, Drake has recorded three albums and has extensively toured the United States and Europe. 

In 1984 Drake added rock & roll lectures to an already busy concert schedule.  His lectures have become the most popular shows on college campuses.  Drake was voted the Campus Lecturer of the Year by the National Association for Campus Activities from 1995 - 2000 and the 1998 Campus Activities Lecturer of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine.

This program is sponsored by Penn State York and The York Newspaper Company.  For more information on Drake visit his Web site at www.barrydrake.com .

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