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Survivor Star Visits Penn State York

Survivor star Ian Rosenberger
9/16/2005 —

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Ian Rosenberger, the third-place finisher on last season's "Survivor: Palau" on CBS, shared his experiences at Penn State York on Thurs. Sept. 15. The former Undergraduate Student Government president at Penn State, Rosenberger, 24, talked about leadership, ethics, and what it was trying to win $1 million on network television. Following his informal presentation Rosenberger joined the group to watch the first episode of "Survivor Guatemala."

Beyond the physical challenges of "Survivor," Rosenberger talked about the importance of developing relationships and how his experience on "Survivor" has really changed him. "I really learned a lot about myself. I realized just how important friends are and how to have trust and faith in people," he said. "I also have a real appreciation for food and a better understanding of what real hunger is. The experience gave me a glimpse of what life is like for the 50 percent of the world population who lives in poverty."

Rosenberger also discussed his time as USF President at Penn State and the impact the Penn State Dance Marathon had on his life. "I really learned where my place is and what's important, "he said. He plans to finish his last Penn State course online and graduate in December.

Rosenberger is pursuing a number of job leads and left the audience with a bit of advice to remember, "Career development is not about what's on paper, it's about the people you meet."

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