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Where can I find a comprehensive list of dates for the freshman application process?

An Admissions Timeline is available online.

How and when am I notified of grades as a parent?

Grades are released to students only. Most students access their grades on a computer system called eLion. If students do not have access to a computer at home, they can call 1-800-876-0354. They may also request that a printed report of the grades be mailed to them.

Does Penn State York offer any summer programs for incoming new students?

Penn State York conducts two six-week summer sessions during which students can take classes toward their degree. Before scheduling any courses, students should check with the Advising and Career Development.

In addition to summer classes, there is a program called Early Success that is specifically geared toward students with disabilities. Students will participate in sessions dealing with note-taking, concentration and memory, time management, learning styles and self-advocacy. The program runs for one week. Dr. Cora Dzubak is the coordinator of the program. She can be reached at 771-4026.

How do I find out more about the Study Abroad program?

Students who have completed the first two years of college may explore the possibility of studying abroad for a semester. The cost to the student is typically the same as it would be if attending Penn State. The major additional cost is transportation to the country. Visit the International Study Website.

How late is the library open?

The Lee R. Glatfelter Library's hours of operation, including regular semester and summer hours. For additional information visit our library website.

Is the computer lab open on the weekend?

The Student Computer Lab is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday and 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. For information about hours of other labs, go to The Office of C&IS homepage

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Campus Life

How does a new student get involved in activities on campus?

Students should contact the Office of Student Affairs to learn more about getting involved in clubs, organizations, athletics, etc. Go to Penn State York Clubs & Organizations for more information.

What athletic opportunities are available for students at Penn State York?

There are six varsity sports available for students, as well as many intramural activities. The varsity athletic teams include baseball, cross-country, soccer, team tennis, women's sotball, women’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s basketball. Additional details are available through the Penn State York Athletic Department.

What happens if there is a big snowstorm? Will the campus close?

If there is an extremely bad snow or ice storm, the campus will close. Local radio and television stations will be notified. If the storm has ended and we expect to get the roads cleared early, the campus will open at 10:00 a.m. A revised schedule of classes is available on the Web and in the student handbook.

If the campus is open for a regular schedule but the roads in your area are very bad, the student should call 771-4000 and notify us that he/she will not be able to get to campus.

Is there campus security?

The campus employs two full-time security officers, one who is on duty from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and the other from 3:00 p.m. to midnight. Several others are employed on a part-time basis to cover the weekends. Specific security information is available at Safety & Security

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Campus Services

Are there food services available on campus?

The Lion’s Den is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Students can purchase Den Dollars in varying amounts that can be used for purchasing food without having cash available.

How does a student acquire an e-mail account at the University?

All students enrolled in credit classes at Penn State York receive a computer account free of charge. This provides electronic mail, access to eLion and the Internet. Students need to go to the Computer and Informational Services office in the ISTC building for the necessary material.

Where do students purchase their books and school supplies?

The Penn State Bookstore provides students, faculty and staff with the supplies necessary for college life. The general community is also welcome to visit to purchase Penn State memorabilia. Hours and further information can be accessed HERE.

What kind of academic support is available to students?

Students may receive academic support from a variety of sources. Full-time counselors are available in the Advising and Career Center to assist students in evaluating both college and career plans. Log on to the Advising and Career Center homepage. The Learning Center can provide tutoring and other support services to students who are struggling with classes. Details are available at the Nittany Success Center homepage.

When do I pay the bill? Can it be paid in installments?

Bills are mailed to students on a rolling basis, determined by the date the student scheduled classes. Bills can be paid in thirds with a $45 handling fee. Details can be found at the Office of the Bursar.

Are there any services available for students with disabilities?

Students with physical disabilities should contact the Student Affairs Office for information about accommodations available at Penn State York. The Learning Center assists students with learning disabilities. Check for more information on Disability Services.

What kinds of scholarships are available?

First-year students who are full-time and have a high school average of at least 3.2 and SAT scores of 1100 or better qualify for a $2500 scholarship and admission to the Campus Honors program. A full list of scholarships is found at Penn State York Scholarships.

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What are the dates of New Student Orientation?

The dates for New Student Orientation will be announced in the near future. You may call 717-771-4040 for more information.  The specific date for each student is determined by what date the student attended the Freshman Counseling and Advising Program. Students will receive a postcard with their assigned date.

For more information, visit the Orientation and First-year experience page.

What is the difference between the Freshman Counseling and Advising Program and New Student Orientation?

The Freshman Counseling and Advising Program helps new students understand the academic structure of the University. They also learn more about their particular major and select the courses they will take in the fall. At New Student Orientation, the focus for students is more on learning about the York campus, fellow classmates and themselves.

Are parents invited to either of the above programs?

Parents are invited and encouraged to attend the Freshman Counseling and Advising Program and Convocation. New Student Orientation is focused exclusively on the new students. There are no activities available that day for family members.

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