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Undergraduate research projects at Penn State York.

Biology: Dr. Robert Farrell

Ryan Rupert, a junior in the science program at Penn State York, has been working with Dr. Farrell this semester exploring variations in microbial communities in a local pond and adjacent feeder stream (Mill Creek). This is particularly interesting and important work because Mill Creek is the site of a former fabric dyeing factory. The expulsion of chemical pollutants from the factory may have had a long-term negative impact on the environment. This on-going research is continuation of a project. The late Dr. Carol Dorworth also participated in this investigation.

Communication Arts and Sciences: Dr. Jane Sutton

Dr. Sutton and a student are working on a project called Cherokee Women Orators. The main orator is Nanye'hi who became the chief of the Cherokees in the 1750's. She lived for almost a century and gave many speeches, many in Washington. The project consists of two parts. The first is to comb through treaties and other archival material to find Nanye'hi's speeches or fragments of them and produce an annotated bibliography. Second, to explain and analyze the structure of the speech itself. Research questions might include: What myths are used? How are the myths used? How are arguments constructed? What role do myths play in the construction of arguments?

Engineering: Dr. Charles Gaston

James Mattern is working under Dr. Gaston's supervision to create applications for engineering using LabView. LabView is a graphical programming language that handles real or simulated analog and digital inputs and outputs, and has a very broad range of options for manipulating and displaying data. It is widely used in industry.

Physics: Dr. Abul Hasan

Patrick Walters is taking a special topics class in physics with Dr. Hasan. They are working on Monte Carlo simulation of proton, antiproton annihilation leading to three pions production. This is essentially simulating Fermilab data that was taken from experiment E760 for neutral final products in proton, antiproton annihilation.

Physics: Kip Trout

Amanda Clark has been working with Mr. Trout since the summer investigating the thermal conduction process in an ideal gas in a reference frame moving at relativistic velocities. Ultimately they are trying to determine how the cooking time of food cooked in a relativistic reference frame will differ from the cooking time of the same food in a reference frame that is at rest when both times are measured from the rest frame. The approach to the problem is to model the gas using a revised kinetic theory of gas model that accounts for relativistic effects.

Psychology: Dr. Mark Casteel

Tahney Ward has read three articles on the research topic being pursued by Dr. Casteel. She will then assist Dr. Casteel in collecting data. This will involve her actually supervising the experimental session one-on-one with the participants.