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American Culture

Introduction to American Studies
An interdisciplinary study of American culture. Topics include the evolution of local and regional cultures, the role of the frontier, varieties of English culture in America, Native Americans, German-American culture, slavery and African-American culture, women in America, social revolutions, the archaeological record, and the role and meaning of American music, ceramics, foodways, and building styles.

AM ST 100 & 100W (3 credits) (GH)


French Culture

France and the French Speaking World
An introduction to the culture of France and its impact on the world.
FR 139 (3 credits) (GH;GI)


German Culture

German Culture and Civilization
Culture and civilization of the German people from the Germanic migrations to the Nazi period.
(BA) This course meets the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements.
GER 100 (3 credits) (GH;GI)

Contemporary German Culture
Major cultural aspects of contemporary Germany: intellectual, social, educational, economic, political. Approached with regard to Germany's role within the present day international scene.
GER 200 (3 credits) (GH;GI)


Russian Culture

Russian Culture and Civilization
The Russian people from the tenth century to present times; their literature, arts, music, science, and philosophy.
RUS 100 (3 credits) (GH;GI)


Spanish Culture

Iberian Civilization
The civilization and culture of Spain: its people, different regions and ethnic groups. Spanish life and culture from the beginnings through the Middle Ages, the Golden Era to present day Spain.
SPAN 130 (3 credits) (GH;GI)

Ibero-American Civilization
Spanish American and Brazilian life from the Conquest to the present; literature, art, the indigenous heritage, and contemporary problems.
SPAN 131 (3 credits) (GH;GI)

Browse the web site of Dr. Cecilia Heydl-Cortinez for more information and resources on Spanish Culture.


French Language

Elementary French I
Exposure to different aspects of French including writing, reading, comprehension and oral practice.
FR 001 (4 credits)

Elementary French II
Continuation of FR 001 with more depth.
FR 002 (4 credits)

Intermediate French
Continuation of FR 002 with more depth.
FR 003 (4 credits)


German Language

Intensive Basic German
Basic structure of the language with language development, reading, basic speaking, basic writing, and listening comprehension.
GER 011 (6 credits)

Intensive Intermediate German
Continuation of GER 11. Major emphasis on reading and speaking modern writings and structure development.
GER 012 (6 credits)


Spanish Language

Elementary Spanish I
Audio - lingual approach to basic Spanish. Students will learn basic communication skills in Spanish.
SPAN 001 (4 credits)

Elementary Spanish II
Continuation of Spanish 1. Learning basic grammatical structures, vocabulary and useful expressions for communication.
SPAN 002 (4 credits)

Elementary Spanish III
Continuation of Spanish 2. Audio-lingual review of structure; writing; reading.
SPAN 003 (4 credits)

Intensive Spanish
Basic grammatical structures, vocabulary and situational expressions learned through practical class activities with an emphasis at first on listening and speaking, later on reading and writing skills.
SPAN 010 (6 credits)

Intensive Spanish
Completion of basic grammatical structures, vocabulary and useful expressions for dialogue situations. More reading, writing and oral discussions than in Span. 10.
SPAN 020 (6 credits)


International Business

International Business Operations
International business is important and necessary because economic isolationism has become impossible. Failure to become a part of the global market assures a nation of declining economic influence and deteriorating standards of living for its citizens. International business, therefore, presents more opportunities for expansion, growth, and income than does domestic business alone. This course will cover the major aspects of international business environment and operations with the emphasis on its impact on the local business in your state. In other words, in this course, you will learn why international business differs from domestic business, economic theories on international trade, and learn how managers deal with the uncontrollable forces of international environment.
IB 303 (3 credits)