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Penn State Course HACC Course
PSY 100 Psychology (3) PSY 101 General Psychology (3)
SOC 001 Intro to Sociology (3) SOC 201 Intro to Sociology (3)
HD FS 129 Intro to Human Development and Family Studies (by Petition) PSYC 209 Life Cycle Development (3)
CHEM 101 Intro to Chemistry (3)
CHEM 110 AND 111 Chemical Principles And Experimental Chemistry (4)
CHEM 100 Principles of Chemistry (3)
CHEM 101 General Inorganic Chemistry (4)
MICRB 106/107 Elementary Microbiology and Lab (4) BIOL 221 Microbiology (4)
BIO 129 (4), BIO 141 AND 142 (4) Physiology and Lab (4) BIO 121 AND 122 Anatomy and Physiology (8)
ENGL 015 Rhetoric and Composition (3) ENG 101 AND 102 English Composition I and II (both needed)
NUTR 251: Intro Principles of Nutrition (3) NUTR 104: Nutrition (3)
QUANT (GQ) math (3) * See attached list 1A See attached list 1A (3) Math 103
STAT 200 Elementary Statistics (4) Math 202 Introduction to Statistics (3) Note: PSU will accept 3 stat credits
ENGL 202A, B, C, or D Effective Writing (3) May not take at HACC. Must take at PSU or equivalent institution
CAS 100 Effective Speech (3) Speech 101 Effective Speaking (3)
ART (GA) (3) * See attached list 1B See attached list 1B (3)
ART (GA) (3) * See attached list 1B See attached list 1B (3)
Humanities (GH) (3) * See attached list 1C See attached list 1C * *
Humanities (GH) (3) * See attached list 1C See attached list 1C * *
Natural Science (GN) (3) BIOL 121, 122 may be petitioned to meet this requirement.



  • All upper level nursing courses must be taken at Penn State. You will earn 33 credits for completion of your associate degree and earning your RN license. You will receive a complete check sheet identifying these courses when you meet with an advisor prior to applying for admission. (Note: Students need 36 PSU credits to graduate from PSU.)
  • First and second year HACC students with open elective slots should follow the list above closely (for example if you have a free elective, you may want to choose an additional art course that would be a direct transfer to Penn State). Always consult with your HACC advisor prior to selecting courses based on Penn State’s list of requirements.
  • Second year HACC students should call and schedule an appointment with a Penn State advisor in their 3rd semester (if they are day students) or in their 6th semester (if they are evening students) to review transcripts and begin the admissions process. Day, evening, weekend, full and part-time options are available. Some web courses are also available.