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No new students are being admitted into this program.


The bachelor of arts in Letters, Arts, and Sciences degree (LASCC) differs from most other degrees by being more flexible. LASCC enables a student to develop a unique program representing at least three disciplinary areas and including 12 credits (one course in each area) of research methods, communication, theory application, and critical thinking.

The LASCC proposal, as approved by the LASCC program coordinator, is the document that details a student’s plan for completing the degree. Because the proposal guides course selection, students are expected to complete their proposals at the beginning of their major coursework, generally between 60 and 80 credits (fifth semester). The student formulates a proposal designing a program that investigates a theme from the viewpoint of at least three different subject areas. Students may not duplicate existing majors from any academic area. An important standard for entrance to the bachelor of arts in Letters, Arts, and Sciences major is the student's ability to design a program with academic integrity worthy of a bachelor’s degree. For specific details on writing the proposal, view the proposal guidelines.

If a student has not completed a proposal by the time he or she has accumulated 80 credits, a hold may be placed on the student’s record, preventing him or her from registering for courses. Although students have a deadline by which proposals must be submitted and approved, students may be able to amend their proposals after initial approval has been obtained.

Who Should Enroll

Students who are interested in developing a wide range of skills, broad knowledge base, and who can develop a unique path of study are welcome. The possibilities are as unlimited as the creativity of the individual student. If you want to evaluate information, design and conduct independent research, think critically, understand and apply theory to real situations, speak and write effectively, then LASCC might be for you.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research opportunities are available with different campus faculty. Descriptions of the research activities are found by visiting the Penn State York website.