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FTCAP GroupMid-March

After students pay the acceptance fee, they will receive an email inviting them to complete the online Educational Planning Survey (EPS) and ALEKS Math Assessment. Watch for this email. It contains critical information about your personalized advising timeline! (Notification of the placement testing will occur on a rolling basis beginning in mid-March.) See Testing Component of Advising Website for more information.


Students should expect to receive a letter from Penn State York's Advising and Career Development (ACD) letting them know about advising registration. This process begins the end of May and continues on a rolling basis as results of the ALEKS Math Assessment and the Educational Planning Survey are received. This system is first-come, first-served. Therefore, the sooner you pay the acceptance fee and complete the Educational Planning Survey and ALEKS Math Assessment, the sooner you will be scheduled for advising.


Prior to the advising day, students must complete some preparatory assignments that will help them learn about Penn State’s academic programs and degree requirements.

June – August

On your advising day, you will visit your campus of admission to meet with an adviser, discuss your academic choices, and schedule classes. Questions about the Advising Component can be directed to Cathy Sheaffer in the Penn State York Advising and Career Development Office at ces9@psu.edu or 717-771-4053.